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My Monthly Playlist: September – October 2017


I’m realllllllly sorry that I haven’t posted anything for a while. I’ve been so busy with my new life at university! It’s been such an exciting experience. Hope I’ll get to tell you full details about it in my upcoming post! I’m so sad that I haven’t been able to update my monthly playlist and to be honest I haven’t really had the time to be so updated about new music because ummmm.. all these deadlines are driving me crazy.

Although I’m still a little proud of my talent in finding new music during my super busy days so here’s my SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER MONTHLY PLAYLIST!

GOOD MUSIC COME THRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and pls recommend me some new music bc I’m really desperate to hear some)

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My Monthly Playlist: August 2017

Hi friends! welcome back to another playlist. I really loved making this one, I picked the songs carefully because I really want it to be meaningful and helping this time. I know a lot of people are going back to school / university soon and I guess it’s important to listen to the songs that could motivate you to get through. I hope you’ll find them helpful. Without further talking let’s just get in to it!

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life is good and change is pretty fantastic

I started this blog when I was an 11th grader in high school. Now I’m currently on my first year being a university student and I feel like things have changed so much since then. When I first started this blog – I only wanted this to be a place where I wrote my fictitious writings like poems, short stories, etc. But as the time went by, I’ve also been writing lots of my own journals, reviews of things like music, tv shows, etc which I really love to do cause it’s always been one of the things that I do to improve myself  by trying to make sense of everything I see or hear.

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Little did we know those little things could change the world

I just want to take the time to sincerely say thank you. Thank you to those people who are so brave speaking up about the things they believe in and always find the time to fight for it. You are speaking for those people who are too afraid to be heard (or the ones whom the whole world ignored). Thank you to those people who have to pretend that they have their shit together even when they feel like it’s obvious that the whole word knows they are faking it. No they don’t. And it’s okay. You’ll get to where you’re heading to. Just hold on a little longer. You have no idea how close you are to your destination. Thank you to all those people who have to say goodbye from the thing they call ‘home’. I’m really sorry that the only thing you remember about being home is how it ended. You know there are some things you have to sacrifice to reach those dreams. Even your little brother’s age. I’m really sorry. Thank you for being strong despite of those homesick feelings that kill you every night. You’ll get used to it. You are making a history.

Thank you to all those people who shared their worst experience just because they don’t want other people to suffer in the same thing. You are a hero. Thank you to those people who smile at strangers even when they don’t feel like it that day. You are making such a memorable impression to their souls. It’ll never be forgotten. You are an angel. And the most important thing – I want to thank you. How could I forget about you? In the world full of madness – thank you for being soft. Thank you for being kind. Thank you for being brave – even if all you did today was waking up from your bed, you should know that not everyone can do that.

Thank you, my friend. You make me believe in that little spark. Again and again. And I’m so thankful for you.