Themed Playlist: It wasn’t keeping both of us awake. And I’m glad it was over

I really love making a themed playlist and I really wanted to share them to people. So here it is. If you ever have any playlist ideas (with a specific theme) you can submit them to my ask on tumblr here. Give me a theme and who knows maybe I’ll have the time to arrange some songs for you to listen? (oh also you can send them anonymously there, too.)

type of requests you can send to me:

– ‘A very sad girl who keeps going’ playlist
– ‘The future is forever so smile’ playlist
– ‘You gave me the world but you left me in it’ playlist
– ‘man, I only love food, leave me alone’ playlist

I’m not even kidding!

alright, this one’s for my rose-colored boy


The theme of the month is: It wasn’t keeping both of us awake. And I’m glad it was over.

The theme was actually inspired from a short-story that I wrote long ago and I wanted to post the story here but after re-reading it, I decided not to. I don’t think I have ever told people here that all of my writings that I post in this blog are the ones that I already have found my peace with. It’s not that I haven’t found my peace yet with that old writing of mine—it’s just that I did and I don’t want other people to think that I haven’t.

So let’s just say that I have a good talent in putting some songs together for the purpose of explaining how I feel towards something/someone. It took me some time to let go of these songs because each one of them has a very moving and important meaning to me and in fact they helped me through some kind of tough times in my life. I don’t know–it’s just nice to hear a song that could really be there for you and be like “Hi! you’re not alone. Here. Don’t we feel the same thing? But aren’t we gonna be alright?”

It’s really amazing how these songs remind me of a memory that even my own brain can’t tell me exactly. But every time I listen to them, it just reminds me of how it felt to be in one of those situations. I know that people might think it’s weird that I’m making it sound like these songs were written about me and my experience—but as someone who treats songs as poems, I think it’s really acceptable for me to do that. Poems can mean different things to each person. One of the proofs happened a while ago when one of my favorite bands, Paramore, released one of their songs called ‘rose-colored boy’. It was a turning point to me and that song was the one that really pushed me for making this playlist. I was kind of amazed because once again music made me feel like what I felt was something real and deserved to be heard.

If I were you, I would have thought “she made this for someone” and yes that’s what I wanted to do. I could have sent this playlist to my own version of rose-colored boy but these past few days – something hit me that the song rose-colored boy itself speaks more for me–my feelings–than the person I could have sent the playlist to. So this time I’m not doing it for that person or anyone. I’m making it for myself. I had all the time to find peace and I needed a kind of symbolism that I am moving on and I’m glad I can truly let go of whatever unrealistic thing I had in my mind.

Here’s the playlist!


[skip this part if you’re interested]

The whole story of this playlist was actually inspired by this and some other lessons I learned in the past.

Who said that I don’t have my own version of the story?

Listen to the playlist on spotify here. (Unfortunately there are couple of songs that don’t exist there)

Don’t worry but don’t tell anyone you can illegally download the playlist here.

Please listen to the songs in order if you wish to understand the storyline. I really hope you will love these songs as much as I do. I hope that the songs take you places that rip you apart and put you together again.

Thank you for listening.


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